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Are you tired of the SOCIAL MEDIA hype❓

Fed up of spending hours and hours on social platforms trying to find new clients❓

Posting daily, researching hashtags, planning content that doesn’t convert❓



There are easier, less stressful ways to get yourself in front of a wider audience without feeling burnt out🔥🔥

Let’s be real, as #BossMums we just don't have time! Running a business and having a family is challenging enough and we crave the balance between the two. The time we have is always limited and using it wisely is what life’s about for women like us right❓

So, let's just do that! Use the time you have to be more productive and get in front of a wider audience for your niche where you can have a successful online product or service based business that skyrockets...🚀 🚀

However, the reason why you might feel burnout is because you

What you might be missing that can make this happen is a system in place that works for you!

Not just any system, one that gives your audience value whilst creating you an income.




How visible is your online business❓ Do lots of people know about your business and what you offer❓ Do you have a tribe/community❓ Does your audience want to buy from you❓ How do you stay in connected with them❓ And are you providing them with value❓

These questions are really important for online business growth and getting in front of a wider audience.


Well, check this out!

⚡️What if your product or service could reach thousands of people without the social media burnout❓


⚡️Wouldn't that just be heaven and save you so much time as well❓


⚡️We all know consumers love freebies right❓ Heck I'm one of them!


⚡️So, just imagine, all you needed to do is offer something for free and in return you get an email address!

⚡️Why do you need your customers email address❓

⚡️Well, that's simple! You want to build a good relationship with them so they buy from you!


⚡️How can you do this❓

⚡️Well, you need to create them a free lead magnet that they can get great value from!


⚡️Sounds easy right❓ Well, that's because it is, and here's how...

👇🏽                👇🏽                👇🏽

💡You would create a 'WOW' factor lead magnet that gives value as mentioned above.

💡Not sure what this is? Let me explain.


💡A lead magnet is a free and helpful resource you give away in exchange for someone’s email address.

💡You’ve most probably opted in to one before. Any time you type in your email to get someone’s free guide, free webinar, or free consultation, you’re using their lead magnet to do so.

💡Lead magnets are fantastic resources for growing your email list and delivering instant value, which can set off your email relationship with subscribers on the right path.You might have created one of these already and not even realised the benefits of it. Here are some examples of lead magnets I use for my clients to help them grow their online presence and increase their sales without the burnout:

✔️video training

✔️case studies

✔️cheat sheet

✔️help guide

✔️mini e-book



Once created, your Lead Magnet would then be integrated into your website, landing page and social platforms as a freebie for customers to easily download, sign up to or click on which requires them to enter their email address before they receive it and then you can start building a relationship with the people on your list so they buy from you, whilst providing them with value.

If you're a newbie to lead magnets and building an email list then my mini course is for you where I'll be teaching you how to create a lead magnet that converts, providing your audience with value and building an email list from scratch!

yes i'm interested in mini course

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I'm sooo......excited that you're here!
1:1 Business Coaching is something I offer to purpose driven
mums in business
I'm very passionate about helping mums grow living the life they
want for themselves and their family.
Here's what I can offer you to skyrocket your business🚀
Tailored 1:1 business support to help you grow your business
online giving it the visibility and sales it deserves.
Creating & Implementing the right Lead Magnets for your
business that converts to sales and provides your audience with value.
Building your email list, customer/client relationships so they purchase your products/services.
Designing landing pages to turn visitors into prospects.
Creating Facebook Ads for your business that convert and reaches a wider audience without the social media burnout.
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I'm a mummy just like you and I know how much you want the best for your business and your family.

My promise to you is:

❤️I'll work closely with you from the beginning to help you grow your business to where it needs to be.

❤️I'll provide you with systems that work getting you more clients/customers for your business.

❤️I'll teach you how to market your business without the social media burnout.

❤️I'll teach you about lead generation and implementing the best lead magnets for your business that provides value.

❤️Most importantly, I work with you to help you implement strategies for a better work-life balance so you can run a successful business and still spend quality time with your family.

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👇🏽      👇🏽      👇🏽 

Sign up for 10 or 6 weeks coaching sessions and pay later or book a free 1:1 strategy call

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