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Welcome to the Empower Me Training & Development. Here you will find a range of sessions that help you to prepare for returning back to work an starting a new business. Whether you attend a training session or masterclass it will highly benefit you to pursue the life you want. As a mother I know first-hand that it can be difficult to invest time and money to help you grow, develop and improve your business, especially when you are also raising a family.


These sessions have been designed with mums in mind to fit around your busy life and therefore we run them throughout the year. There are cost effective options to pay for courses and some are free based on a first come first serve basis. Some sessions are online or face-to-face to give mums more flexibility if they are unable to physically attend.


All training and masterclass sessions at Empower Me have been written by me, Leonie Huie with over 15 years’ experience of teaching and learning in the education industry. I provide a welcoming and comfortable learning environment where mothers, like you, looking to progress and achieve in life can come and learn new transferable skills that will empower you to improve your work life-balance.

Leonie Huie

Leonie Huie

Founder of Empower Me,
Certified Coach, Teacher, 



Hey Mama,

💗Are you planning on returning to work after maternity or extended leave?
💗Are you in need of some advice about what your options are?
💗Are you wanting flexi-hours or to change careers but not sure which direction to take?

Join me for a 2 hour ONLINE Masterclass providing you with some information, tools and tips about returning to work after maternity or extended leave. For some of us returning to work can leave us feeling anxious and unsure whilst others may feel happy and excited, either way whether you are returning back to the same place of work or somewhere new, this training has been designed to help you be raring to get back into work mode as a new mum.

In this training we will cover the following:

✔️Knowing your rights as a mum

✔️What you need to do before you return

✔️Flexi-hours/Changing career paths

✔️Managing your work-life balance effectively

Hey Mama,

💗Are you interested in starting a new business and working from home?
💗Are you in need of some advice and support about the first steps to take?
💗Are you wanting to make some significant changes in your life?

Join me for a 2 hour ONLINE Masterclass providing you with a taster of my 5 Step Empower Me Method I use with my 1-2-1 coaching clients to help mums start and new business or revamp a current one. I will be providing you with five essential steps you need to implement before starting a business to ensure its success. I will provide you with information, advice and tools to prepare you for growth and increasing your income.

In this training we will cover the following 5 Cs:

✔️Cause – knowing your why and finding your purpose

✔️Confidence – having confidence and believing in yourself

✔️Change – changing your mindset

✔️Coach – feeling inspired vs being empowered 

✔️Consideration – improving work-life balance, increasing your income & accountability

Hey Mama,

💗Are you currently having difficulties with your pregnancy caused by anxiousness?
💗Are you in the first year of parenthood finding it difficult to cope at times due to anxiety?
💗Are you wanting to find useful, straightforward coping tools to help to manage your anxiety?

Join me for a 2 hour ONLINE Masterclass providing you with useful information, advice tools about coping with anxiety as a new mum and how best to manage situations of severe anxiousness. These are the tools I used during my pregnancy and first year of motherhood which really helped to improve my health & well-being and I'll be sharing them with you. There are different types of anxiety which I'll discuss and provide coping mechanism for each one.

In this training we will cover the following:

✔️The different types of anxiety

✔️Advice and tips for managing the condition effectively 

✔️Tools used to cope during pregnancy and the first year of parenthood

✔️Why it is important to ask for help and support if needed

Hey Mama,

💗Are you an expectant mum or new mum during covid-19?
💗Are you struggling to cope being isolated from your family, friends and services around you?
💗Are you finding it challenging to adapt to the new normal?

Being a new mum is a wonderful experience but when you are feeling isolated during pregnancy or with a new-born this can lead to overwhelming feelings of loneliness which can take its toll on you especially during covid-19 when you might still be unable to see or spend time with your family and friends or access local services such as mother and baby groups. Join me for a 2 hour masterclass where I’ll be providing tips and advice on how to manage isolation during covid-19 and avoid feeling isolated.

In this training we will cover the following:

✔️Different coping mechanism for isolation

✔️Advice and tips for managing the isolation effectively  

✔️Online professional support services available for you to access

✔️Different online forums where you can talk to other mothers

✔️Adapting to the new normal


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