This is the final instalment to my mini course  designed for you mums in business who want to reach a wider audience without the social media burnout!


This 2 week course will teach you how to create a lead magnet, build your email list and design a landing page integrating them together to help you sell your products/services to your target audience.


In this mini course I'll teach you how to:

👉🏽Create a WOW lead magnet that converts into sales

👉🏽Build an email list from scratch

👉🏽Set up a landing page

👉🏽Integrate your page with your lead magnet and list

👉🏽Build a relationship with your list

👉🏽Sell your list your products/services 

It's a simple as that!

Once you have these systems in place you can start to grow your

online business in front of a wider audience

Mini Online Course #Payment 2