Who is your dream client for your business?

What do you know about them? 

How will they benefit from your product/service?


This digital resource has been designed to help you kick start your new business in the right direction. It is the fundamental tool in helping you know and understand who your dream client is. You want to offer clients your product/service to buy right? Well, for this to happen you need to find customers who will benefit from what you are selling because it will solve a problem they might be having.


Here’s an example: Deliveroo offer a food delivery service to customers who prefer not to go and collect their order, instead they pay a small fee for food to be delivered to their home – problem solved! 


Once you solve your client's problem they will keep coming back to you, but first you need to know a bit more about them and that's how this resource will help you get the right customers for your business.

Who Is My Dream Client?