- Are you finding it difficult to understand who your actual customers are?
- Is your range of customers too broad for your business?


Then what you need to do is niche down!


A business niche is an area of expertise in which you will specialise that serves a certain market or group of people to differentiate themselves from their competition. This guides the type of products/services your business will focus on, the customers you'll attract, partnerships forms and content you will produce. For example, I'm a coach, but there are many different types of coaches such a life coach, football coach, health coach etc. I specialise in business and empowerment coaching, working with mothers, teaching them how to start and grow a business. They are mums, I have a connection with, mums I know I can help, mums who speak the same language I do. These are all important to me and when you are finding your niche/tribe you need to think about the people you’re selling to and how best you can serve them. 


This business resource will help you do just that by teaching you the importance of a business niche, providing you with information and questions to get you thinking about your niche and how you can sell your product(s) or service(s) to them.

How to Niche your Business

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