Wedding Anniversary

August 2017 Week 26

This week started off with tears. Lots of tears. I have been in so much pain. My body aches constantly and sleeping is a complete nightmare. Apparently, this is normal during pregnancy, but I can only assume women (like myself) carrying twins or multiples must feel even heavier. However, someone’s pain threshold I assume is different for each woman, but I can say I undoubtedly have a low pain threshold hence trying cope with pain. I researched online and found suggestions to reduce pain and discomfort and tried them all. They all failed miserably. I try and stay up as late as possible, so I sleep less and fall asleep quicker which isn’t healthy as I’m exhausted in the mornings but what’s a girl to do?? I constantly turn in the night on my left side then right side because the sides of my thighs and leg ache and hurt so bad I try my best to distribute my weight. I cry most nights because of the pain. My husband has been extremely supportive by giving me more pillows to sleep on, massaging my thighs and even helping me to have a bath to soak my muscles. Yes, I’ve got to a point where I can’t even get in and out of the bath on my own. I prefer baths as standing to have a shower is too much pressure on my hips, legs and ankles.

This week is also my first wedding anniversary I wasn’t in much of a celebratory mood being so big and feeling so heavy along with all the different pains I was feeling all over my body. We did go out for a meal which was nice, but I felt so fat. My husband and I had previously booked to travel to four different European countries but had to cancel all of them as my doctor felt it not advisable to travel with twins at 27 weeks pregnant with all my health issues. I was rather disappointed as was my husband but that last thing we would have wanted was to be abroad with me needing medical attention so we will do sometime special next year.

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