Reveal Party

August 2017 Week 25

My lovely sisters and cousin Gabby organised me and my husband a reveal party as mentioned in last month’s blog. They roped in some close friends to help which was nice of them. What a wonderful day I had I really felt happy and loved to have close friends and family around me. I’ve been feeling so down lately so this was exactly what I needed. My husband however, thought it a bit weird that men attend such events which are normally for women however, he took part in the fun games planned for us.

As I entered my reveal party everyone gasped when they saw me. Yes, I was on my crutches and I must say using them really did help take the weight off and making walking that much easier for me. I had balance on both sides of my body and the pain reduced. I hadn’t told many people about being on crutches and everyone just looked completely shocked when they saw me. I explained what happened to my hip and why I needed crutches to support me – I suppose that’s just what happens when you have twins!

I can now reveal the gender of our twins – we are having TWO girls!! It was fun for us watching our friends and family guess the gender of our babies. Our cake was used as the reveal. We had two-tiers of pink sponge. Even though I wanted two boys I am very happy I am having girls and pray they are delivered safely and healthy, and that’s all that matters to me. I am blessed!

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