Mobility Issues

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

September 2017 Week 29

It’ been a busy first full week in September. I returned to work, had my first pregnancy massage and had an appointment with the twin’s consultant at the hospital.

Firstly, I returned to work for one week. I was feeling rather anxious about this after being off for 6 weeks but it went OK. My colleagues were really supportive and helpful however, I’m glad it was only a week as standing and walking around was taking its toll on my feet and ankles which have swelled even more so over the last couple of weeks. I didn’t think them getting any fatter was possible. I look like I have elephant’s feet.

Had my first pregnancy massage this week and it was absolutely heavenly. I have been suffering with awful back pain in the middle of my back which is at its worst during the night. For the past month I have searched online for pregnancy massage with someone who is experienced in this type of massage and not too far from home as travelling is becoming more and more difficult especially on crutches. The session lasted an hour and I actually felt fantastic afterwards. All the aches and pains in my back, shoulders and neck were gone I couldn’t believe it. It was like I had gone online and purchased a new back from Amazon – that’s how good I felt. I wish I had done this sooner I will definitely be going back again.

This week was my second appointment at the twin’s clinic. However, it didn’t go to well for me. My consultant said she is putting me on blood thinning medication which involves injecting a needle into my stomach everyday until I give birth and a further 6 weeks after giving birth due to my mobility problems, age and having twins. This is to avoid getting blood clots. She then went on to tell me she will be monitoring my mobility and if it doesn’t improve I will have to use a wheelchair. I was absolutely horrified at hearing this. A wheelchair, really?? There must be another option I thought.

So, here we go again overwhelming feelings of anxiety started to kick into effect. I had been managing it so well until this day. It got even worse when I researched blood thinning injections online and the images I saw of people’s stomach – the bruising from the injections were terrible. I’m terrified of needles and knew I wouldn’t go through with injecting myself. I found some alternative blood thinning tablets to take such as Warfarin but this can not be taken during pregnancy. I can’t believe with all the technology and research facilities we have in the world a doctor has not yet come up with an oral drug for blood thinning during pregnancy. I’m sure there are thousands of pregnant women out there scared of needles like me.

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