Maternity Physiotherapy

June 2017 Week 18

I started maternity physiotherapy this week which my doctor referred me to after explaining to him the physical problems I have been having since gaining pregnancy weight. Let me break this down for you so you know exactly what I am going through.

– I am currently suffering from SPD

– I have lower back pain

– My hip is extremely painful

– I have piriformis syndrome, a neuromuscular disorder which is related to the sciatic nerve. Therefore, when I walk my leg gives way and a fall to the ground.

All the pains I am having is on the right side of my body and I have been waddling since being 11 weeks pregnant because of this. I was very anxious about the different pains I have been having – they have made me feel somewhat depressed and unhappy as I have never experienced such discomfort before all I kept thinking is my belly is going to get bigger plus more weight gain equals more pain. How will I cope? I remembered the coping tools my counsellor provided me with to manage with my anxiety. I regularly use mediation through taking deep breathes to help me relax and I started swimming classes to help with exercise that would not be strenuous or cause me anymore pain. Physiotherapy is to help strengthen my back and piriformis which will in turn improve my mobility – hopefully it works.

My husband purchased me a body pillow to help me sleep better at night something the physiotherapist suggested to help take pressure off my stomach when laying on my side. I must say it has worked somewhat especially with the pains I have in my thighs and the piriformis syndrome. Women expecting twins or multiples are recommended to buy a firm body pillow as the pregnancy weight we carry will help to balance our bodies during the night on the pillow. My body pillow was purchased from Amazon but there are so many websites you can purchase them from so shop around for a good deal and good quality as you want it to last.

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