Illiotibial Band Syndrome

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

September 2017 Week 31

How can two little dumplings growing inside you cause you so much pain? It’s week 31 and words cannot begin to describe the pain I am in. My body aches so much I cry most nights. My back, thighs, legs, hips and bum are constantly in pain. Then there is the ankle and feet pain to deal with. Breathing is becoming more and more difficult causing me to be out of breath a lot. I’m actually getting bigger in size, didn’t think this was even possible. There doesn’t look like there’s any more room for babies to grow!

Have you heard of IT Band Syndrome? Well I found out about this a few days ago. It’s full name is Illiotibial Band Syndrome It’s a severe aching pain you can get in your thighs. It’s the ligament that runs from your hip to your knee and it is very common with runners but pregnant women also suffer from it. As you get heavier during pregnancy you tend to feel the pain when you sleep on your left side and right side which can be very uncomfortable and painful. However, it can be treated pending on how far you are in your pregnancy through exercise. Unfortunately for me due to my mobility issues there isn’t much I can do to treat the pain other than pregnancy massage which eases slightly but my thighs still ache.

Sleepless nights is something every woman who has had a child (or children) has said they’ve experienced especially in the first few months of birth however, I have been having sleepless night since week 22 due to the pains I have been experiencing and have more sleepless nights to look forward to once the girls arrive.

I have used NHS choices baby centre the bump and TAMBA websites to research different ways to make sleeping at night less painful and more comfortable. I have read reviews and joined chat forums with other pregnant women from all over the world and I have tried some of their suggestions but unfortunately nothing has worked. I am slowing down and my physical abilities are non-existent which is hard to muster since I use to go gym three times a week. My legs feel like dead weights and I have to roll on my side in order to sit in an upright position. I have about 6 weeks left to go and trying my best to hang on in there.

I booked another pregnancy massage as the last time was so good my back felt brand new. Once again, I left like I had new body parts. The masseuse managed to help ease the pain in my thighs which is exactly what I needed. I slept much better that night. If you’re interested in pregnancy massage, I highly recommend it but do speak with your doctor first. Always check the masseuse is qualified to carryout pregnant massage to ‘prevent any complications with you and baby (babies). If you are based in London I would highly recommend Marta Aesthetics who is based in Knightsbridge, London and reasonably price. Alternatively you can also find offers for pregnancy massage on the Treatwell and Groupon websites.

Funny enough I have not been experiencing episodes of anxiety due to my sleepless nights. What I have been doing to prevent anxiousness is meditation, taking long deep breaths to help me to relax somewhat which has been very beneficial. I use a 10min YouTube video especially for anxiety which I used when lying in bed or during the day sitting on my yoga mat. This technique really works for me and I’m sure I’ll continue to use it after I give birth. If you have anxiety or panic attacks you should try this, it really does work but make sure you are fully relaxed and have complete quiet when meditating to enjoy the full benefits of this exercise.

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