Blackout Again...

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

September 2017 Week 32

So, I’m getting rather close to delivery now which I must say I’m really looking forward too. Having all this weight I’m carrying taken off my body will be like a dream come true I’m sure. This week has been rather eventful starting with me blacking out again; the physical pains I’m experiencing getting worse as my bump continues to grow, my mobility becoming somewhat non-existent and my 32-week scan.

Blackout I was in my bathroom and felt rather dizzy I then started to feel rather hot. Panic mood set in as I had been here before so I quickly walked to my bedroom to try and lay down in case I blacked out on the floor. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened I didn’t quite make it to my bed and ended up blacking out on the floor in my bedroom. I don’t know how long I was out for but when I came to I called an ambulance not wanting to take any risks with the babies. I was in complete panic mood and couldn’t breathe properly the paramedic I spoke to on the phone was very supportive she stayed on the phone with me until the ambulance arrived. She helped me to calm down where I was then able to remember my breathing techniques for my anxiety which helped me feel much better. I was taken to the maternity ward at the hospital where a number of tests were carried out on me and twins who were absolutely fine.

Pain My aches and pains are getting worse even my fingers are aching me. Crying myself to sleep every night is becoming a regular occurrence. My midwife said the ligaments in your body soften and stretch to prepare body for child birth but I never expected it to be this bad because I’m carrying the weight of two babies I will be experiencing double pain.

Mobility Due to my aches and pains my mobility is getting worse I am finding it extremely difficult to walk without the support of my crutches. When I bend my knees, they feel like jelly. My only saving grace is that I don’t have too long to go now. I just have to hang on in there. I have been doing small exercises at home to improve mobility which is difficult as my body feels to heavy but I must try something. Not having control over my body is rather depressing and it makes me anxious about what I’ll look like after giving birth. I am quite lucky I have a husband who is a personal trainer to whip me back into shape.

Scan I had my 32-week scan this week and all is good. Twins are very active and both weigh 3lbs 11oz they are both in a breached position with feet down so it looks like I won’t be having a natural birth after all. The doctor told me it’s highly unlikely that they’ll move to head facing down in the next few weeks but I can discuss birth plan with my consultant.

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