August 2017 Week 27

More tears this week due to aches and pains I was looking forward to having another acupuncture appointment which really helps relieve the pain in my hip and piriformis. I attended this appointment using public transport on my crutches (rather difficult I might say) I got on the bus and started to feel really dizzy and hot. I was sweating and my vision became blurred. I managed to complete my journey but when I got off the bus I still felt quite dizzy and found it difficult to balance on my crutches. I finally made it to the hospital and got in the lift which I remember being awfully packed then everything went black.

I blacked out!

I actually blacked out in the lift! I couldn’t believe it!

I ended up falling with my crutches on top of a man in a wheelchair and knocking my stomach in the process. The next thing I saw was about 10 doctors trying to assist me in the lift on the floor. They were asking me so many questions, but I couldn’t answer them all. It was like a scene out of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ tubes were attached to my chest, my heart and blood pressure were being monitored, lots of bleeping sounds, there were hands everywhere – the list goes on….

To make things worse I ended up having an anxiety attack. I tried my best to use the coping tools I learnt but, in this instance, they just didn’t work too much was happening at once. I was put onto a stretcher and taken to the birth centre where I was given a scan as I painfully hurt my stomach when I blacked out – thank the lord my babies were OK. I was monitored for a few hours and my blood test results showed very low haemogoblin levels. The doctor said I’m anaemic and need to take iron tablets. My levels should be between 120-150 but mine was 98. What an awful experience this was but the doctors were very helpful and supportive.

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