Birth Plan

October 2017 Week 33

I had an appointment with my consultant to go through my birth plan. I wanted to deliver twins through a natural birth but due to my hip problems and my twins being breached I will be having an elective c-section. I would have liked to have a water birth but was informed by my midwife I can only have a c-section or natural birth.

I have been given Friday 3rd November as my delivery date which will take me to 37 weeks + 3 days. My babies are growing at a good pace and they have strong heartbeats therefore the longer they stay in my stomach and grow the less complications there will be with their development. My consultant said they will weigh on average 5lbs plus when born as they already weigh 4lbs which is great news.

I was rather anxious about this appointment so I prepared a list of questions to ask beforehand. My consultant quickly made me feel at ease as she answered all my questions for me.

People often ask me if I’m excited about having twins and giving birth soon, unfortunately the answer is no. I honestly don’t feel prepared for motherhood even though I have everything ready for the twin’s arrival and I don’t feel excited about having elective surgery – I would have preferred to push naturally. However, one thing I am excited about is getting my body back into shape as mentioned before having all this excess weight lifted off my body. Another thing I’m excited about is not having all the aches and pains all over my body due to baby weight. I suppose my excitement of having twins will come when I hold them in my arms. Every mum I’ve spoken to said that feeling is just indescribable. I am looking forward to that moment.

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