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The First Year Is Survival

 ⚡️This book is for you if you are  a new parent or expectant parent of multiples?

 ⚡️ This book is for you if you are a new grandparent of multiples?

 ⚡️This book is for you if you care for newborn multiples?

Welcome to the world of multiples!

I have written this informative self-help guide to help you survive the first year with twins and multiples. 

As a mother of twins, I know first-hand the challenges that parenthood can bring and that no two days are the same.

Having multiple children is like a whole new world to parenting, you experience things you'd never dreamed of

whilst learning new skills daily surprising yourself at how good you are with multi-tasking.

My book provides personal reflections of parenting and interviews with parents of multiples from around the world to
help you gain real life experiences of raising multiples in the first 365 days. It also openly addressing challenges such as anxiety, post-natal depression, returning to work, behavioural and emotional changes, and offers advice about how
to get a good night’s sleep, keep communicating with your partner, maintain a healthy relationship with

your friends and family, and how to avoid shutting down and shutting up.

I have also provided note pages at the end of chapter for you to write down any special dates, occasions and memories that

you can share with your multiples when they are older. By the end of the book, the aim is that you’ll have more practical and

realistic ideas of what to do to help you and your new family throughout that first year. You never know, you may even find that

you’ve not just survived but thrived over those 12 months!

I really hope you enjoy this read😊

The First Year Is Survival Book

The First Year Is Survival Book


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