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You're here because you want to grow your online business without the social media burnout🔥🔥 and this 2 week mini course will help you do just that!
How To 'WOW'
Your Audience And Provide 'VALUE'
This is an open call to mumpreneurs who are product and service based business providers to...
👉🏽focus on their niche and target audience 
👉🏽improve online presence without the burnout   
👉🏽create a lead magnet that provides value & converts
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Growing your business online shouldn't
be a chore leaving you feeling burnout  from spending hours and hours on 

social media and not getting results!
If don't want this for your business, then this mini course is for you.
Spend 2 weeks with me and I'll teach you how to 'WOW' your audience and grow your email list.
Tired of Feeling Burnt Out?
Join me on this online mini course where I'll teach you how to:
👉🏽Focus on your business niche & target audience
👉🏽Create a WOW lead magnet that gives value & converts
👉🏽Build an email list from scratch
👉🏽Set up a landing page
👉🏽Integrate your page with your lead magnet and list
👉🏽Build a relationship with your list & give value
👉🏽Sell your products/services to your list
It's a simple as that!
Once you have these systems in place you can start to grow your
online business in front of a wider audience.
When you sign up to my 2 week mini course here's what it includes:
✅ Live online sessions with me 2 hours each week (£597) 
✅ How to find your dream client resource (£49)
✅ How to niche your business resource (£39)
✅ Lead Magnet Template (£27)
✅ Step-by-step landing page setup & email integration (£197)
✅ 30 minute free 1:1 aftercare session with me (£49)

#1 Improve time management (value £29)

#2 Bonus: Socials #hashtag guide (£9)


You get to 'WOW' your audience for just £297
(payment plan available)

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Mini Course
How To 'WOW' Your Audience 

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