Events, Webinars & masterclasSes  

⭐️Come and join me and other women at one of my Empower Me events, webinars and masterclasses where you'll get the opportunity to feel inspired and be empowered to make positive changes in your life and career.

⭐️My virtual events, webinars and masterclasses have been created with women in mind who have an idea but not sure what to do with it; already in business looking to rebrand or grow it to success.

⭐️For my events I provide a range of guest speakers discussing topics on different aspects of business and how they juggle work-life balance, turning their passion into profit, marketing their brand and a range of interesting topics to help you build and grow. These events are open to all women whether in business or other industries. The aim here to network, share & learn with other like-minded women.

⭐️My 90 minute masterclasses are exclusively for Mum's who want 

to grow their business and improve their sales using lead magnets.



The masterclass with Leonie was great. She seemed to get me and my goals/struggles straight away. I really enjoyed the mix of information, understanding and feeling empowered all from such a short space of time and over Zoom

B. Williams