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Come and join us at one of our Empower Me Events or Retreats where you'll get the opportunity to feel inspired and be empowered to make positive changes in your life.

Our events have been created to help inspire and empower women through guest speakers sharing their life journey and experiences, you sharing your own stories with the audience, supporting each other to grow and to network with other like minded women.


Our retreats are designed with mums in mind to help you relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourselves through a series of workshops, meditation & mindfulness, yoga and much more with the outcome of stress reduction, giving you some food for thought, providing you with the tools needed to manage anxiety and pursue ideas to help you BOOST your work life balance.

Fri, Sep 25
Online Masterclass
Online Masterclass for Mums Who Want to Thrive
Online Masterclass for Mums wanting to work from home and increase their income.
Mon, Aug 10
FREE Online Masterclass
FREE Online Masterclass How to Boost Work-life Balance
An Online Masterclass for busy mums wanting to BOOST work-life balance.
Fri, Mar 20
Cupcake Family Club
Mother & Baby Meet Up: Empowering Busy Mums
A Masterclass for Mum's and babies focusing on improving work life balance.
Fri, Feb 07
John Harvard Library
Empower Me Masterclass for Mums
An Introductory Masterclass for busy mums wanting to BOOST work-life balance.
Sun, Sep 29
Lost Society
Empower Me Network Event
Empowerment event for females only to share, inspire and empower.

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