About Us

Empower Me is a company that's all about mums. We supports mums by providing training and coaching programs, networking events and retreats helping mums to start their own business, improve their skills for the workplace and boost work-life balance. 

Our Purpose:
We specialise in supporting mums find their purpose, improve their confidence and spend more time with their family. As mums regardless of how many children we have, our lives are constantly busy we try to manage our work-life balance with the time and resources we have but sometimes it can all get on top of us and we start to feel anxious and overwhelmed. This is where we step in. 


What we offer:

These services we offer are face-to-face and online, we know that being a mum has its demands so offer flexibility for training courses and coaching as well as payment plans.  Some of our training courses can be taken at your own pace to meet you and your family commitments.  Whether you are interested in 1-2-1 coaching or a masterclass our number one goal is to provide you with support, advice and guidance to help boost work-life balance for you and your family.

Our Values:

⭐️ To support mums to succeed & thrive

⭐️ To provide mums with key resources to progress

⭐️ To empower mums to explore new opportunities 

⭐️ To help mum boost their work-life balance

Leonie's Story

Leonie is the founder of Empower Me which she started in 2019 after being inspired by her twin daughters to help empower mums improve their work-life balance through training, coaching, networking events and retreats. Through experiencing a challenging pregnancy and giving birth to twins she suffered from post-natal depression and anxiety amongst other health issues which made it difficult for her to bond with her twins in the first weeks of their life. She returned to work as a teacher when her twins were approaching a year old and struggled immensely trying to cope with her anxiety and balance work and home life commitments and soon found she wasn’t alone. She met so many mother's with the same issue, trying to run a business or have a career whilst still trying to be the best mum they can to their children.

Leonie openly discusses her experiences with anxiety so she can help others and she offers mums support and advice in her 1-2-1 coaching sessions along with different tools that can be used to manage the condition whilst running a business. 

Founder of Empower Me

Author, Certified Coach, Entrepreneur,


Leonie uses her 15 years’ experience in education as a teacher to coach and deliver training courses to mothers wanting to kick start a new business and improve their skills  to return to work. She is a certificate Business and Life Coach focusing on empowering mums, a public speaker and author of ‘The First Year is Survival’ a self-help guide written to support new and expectant parents of multiple children (twins, triplets and more) survive their first year of parenthood. Leonie’s twin daughter's are still quite young so she manages her time to ensure she can
spend time with them, take them to their favourite place, the park, play games and watch Mr Tumbles on repeat.


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Email: info@empowerme.london

​Website: www.empowerme.london

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