Welcome to Empower Me, I'm Leonie a Business and Empowerment Coach working with mums
who need help and support with starting and growing a Business. 

I am a true believer of success and making your dreams come true for you and your family.
When you know what you want and have that burning desire to make it happen, but don't 

know where to start or are getting stuck with moving your business forward, what you're

actually missing is a SYSTEM! That's right, a system! Not just any system, the right one to

make you generate new leads, get sales and increase your income.

This is where I come in!

How i Can Help You!


I had a 1:1 with Leonie about a business venture I have embarked upon and she was phenomenal! I felt Leonie really listened to my worries and fears giving me constructive advice on the steps I need to take to see my vision more clearly. Leonie knows her stuff and this is not the end of my relationship with her as I'll continue to receive business support and advice.

I have finally found someone who is relatable and understands the struggle, tiredness and doubts that occur when being a mum in business.


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